How All Stages Make A Difference To The Planet & Women

How All Stages Help You And The Environment

We work to make feminine hygiene work not only for us, but for the planet as well. We Produce all our Sanitary towels from the most sustainable Bamboo Pulp. Bamboo absorbs large amount of C02 helping the environment. This allows our towels to not only offer protection and comfort, they are also Eco Friendly.

All our towels are soft, absorbent, natural and free from chlorine. There has been no chlorine used in the process of our products, Chlorine bleaching releases certain quantities of toxins which then leaves behind a residue called dioxin. This is not only great for the environment, it means there are no harmful chemicals in our range of sanitary products.

All Our Sanitary Products Are

100% Bamboo core

Biodegradable Back Sheet

Super Soft Top Sheet

Contains Natural Absorbent

Why We Use Bamboo Core?

Bamboo is Naturally Organic and is one of the worlds Fastest Growing Plants
It doesn‘t need any pesticides or fertilizer to grow
Bamboo grows 50 cm a day
It doesn’t need replanting and possible can have 3 crop cycle a year
It helps in slowing Global warming . It removed a vast amount of C02 from Air
It produces 35% more Oxygen than an equivalent stands of Trees
It’s more absorbent compared to wood pulp
Bamboo Filters are it-self Antibacterial

What All Stages Offer You?

Day Towels Normal With Wings

Night Towels Long With Wings

Day Towels With Wings

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